This year’s contest to come up with the best one-line characterization, haiku or limerick regarding nuclear developments during the Bush and Obama presidencies is over. It’s time to choose the winners. Our panel of judges – Tom Nichols, Josh Pollack and me – has reached the following conclusions.

Honorable mention goes to T for:

He raised eyebrows in Hradčany
New hope for a deal on test banning
For Godot we all wait
Prospects are not great
As the White House sits on its fanny.

Anon, always a contender, gets props for:

There once was a president’s son
Who bought into percent doctrine one.
While Saddam he deposed,
A few problems arose,
Buying time for Iran and Jong-Un.*
(*Requires creative pronunciation)

Building on this theme, we tip our hat to SQ, who stuffed the ballot box, for:

There once was a boy from Pyongyang
On whose word life and death seemed to hang
Plus his buddy the Worm
He made half the globe squirm
With alcohol, nukes, Sturm und Drang

Andrew gets kudos for:

We ask, before deals for Natanz,
Is the onus DC’s or Tehran’s?
Going mano-Amano,
We’ll need help from Bono,
To quell urges to start dropping bombs.

We are indebted to Continuing Resolution for this fine entry:

Two presidents, two visions
of an arsenal transformed,
but in the end
not much changed.

And now, for the envelope please… The winning entries are SQ’s:

Simply calling it
A strategy doesn’t make
Patience strategic

And this mordant entry from Ricki:

The Obama Administration’s nuclear posture is best described like spawning salmon in a drying river: doing what’s been done before out of instinct and expectation, doomed to failure, overtaken by events, and likely eaten by a (Russian) bear.

SQ & Ricki: send me a note ( with your mailing addresses and the inscriptions for your prizes.