This post is geared to the silent majority of ACW readers who refrain from commenting on what they read on this site. So let’s try something new: The first annual ACW Best Quips about the Bomb Contest. (Unless this experiment bombs, in which case, the first competition shall be the last.) There are two categories: best quip by somebody you’ve read or heard, and best original quip. Winners will receive a signed copy of one of my books (estimated value: ummm, not much), with the inscription of your choice. Submissions can be by nom d’internet, but if you win and you want to receive a book, you will have to declare your mailing address, if not your true self.

The deadline for submissions, which will be posted as they arrive, will be November 30th. The panel of judges shall consist of Jeffrey, Joshua and me. We shall be utterly subjective. I intend to give extra credit to students and to quips that are not already in my shoeboxes. Winners will be declared in early December.